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1997 Toyota Supra RZ 6 Speed Manual, Facelift. - Stage 1 - Extensive Specification.

This Facelift model Supra RZ has been extensively modified to the highest standards, to make a 400 bhp stage 1 tuned example that's perfectly honed for regular road use. Every aspect of it's preparation has been carried out using the best available components, with meticulous care and attention to detail. This is the best condition Supra we have sourced this year. It's in essentially as new condition throughout - a testament to the care the one owner of this car has lavished on it. Better still, it's evident most of the modifications such as wheels, bodykit, tuning extras, etc. have been recently fitted too!

OTR price: £14875

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1999 Toyota Supra RZ-S VVTi Twin Turbo Tiptronic. Quick Silver

Production of the last facelift VVTi Supra twin turbos was from July 1997, till the end of production in August 2002. Nowadays, the VVTi models are extremely rare and sought after in Japan, especially the lowest mileage examples! Usually it's not possible to import these to the UK, due to high prices they're fetching in Japan, but also restrictions on importing - with requirements for the E-SVA test.
This example has been successfully imported as a one-off and is now fully UK registered, as well as being fitted with a high quality Cat 1 Insurance approved alarm. Make no mistake - this is an as new condition VVTi Tiptronic, something that's nowadays impossible  [...]
OTR price: £15550

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1986 Toyota Corolla Levin Apex AE86 Kouki. Restored & Tuned! Black & White

The Original RWD 16 Valve Corolla / Sprinter is affectionately termed as the "Hachi Rokku" in Japan - meaning "86". The AE86 has the enviable acolade of having been successfully used from near the humble beginnings of the drift scene in Japan and is still used with strong success in the D1 Professional Grand Prix of Japan by some of the most successful teams - No other car of this generation is still as used in competition, a true testament to how special these are. As owners and developers of one of the best prepared street / drift AE86's in the world, we firmly believe this car is one of the best for pure driving fun. Handling is well balanced and chuckable with good control when sliding. The sound of  [...]

OTR price: £7450

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1996 Toyota Starlet Glanza V Black Metallic

This Starlet Glanza V currently belongs to staff of Newera imports. Having been in the country almost a year, she’s decided its time for a soft top! It’s a 1996 model, having covered only 46,808miles from new!


Performance equipment includes: A [...]

OTR price: £6350

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1991 Toyota Celica GT-4 (RC) Carlos Sainz Limited edition 1010 of 5000. Black

This GT-4 limited edition model was made to commemorate Carlos Sainz’s WRC Championship winning successes in 1990 and 1992. Only 440 of this rare model were officially imported to the UK during production, with a handful going to other parts of Europe and the remainder being sold in Japan. FIA regulations, at the time, required 5000 examples to be manufactured to allow the model to be used in rallying.  Numerous aspects of the normal ST1 [...]

OTR price: £5150

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1996 Toyota MR2 GT-S Turbo T-Bar - Rare Revision 4 model!!. Red
The MR2 turbo was made from 1989 onwards for the Japanese market only, whilst the rest of the world had to make do with normally aspirated versions only!
In 1994 Toyota introduced the Revision 3 turbo model in Japan. Fitted with a more version of their 3S GT-E turbo engine giving 245 bhp as standard, other revisions also brought uprated suspension for greater grip and safety at high speeds, uprated interior trim, as well as newer larger sized wheels, plus of course new fresh colours. With these changes the MR2 became a better car - which is still in strong demand by enthusiasts both in Japan and UK, etc. The Revision 4 model was [...]
OTR price: £8525

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1996 Toyota Glanza V Turbo - Full Option Pack & Modifications. Sky Silver Metallic
The Glanza V Turbo with 5 speed manual is a rare car, especially in the spec you'll find this example equipped with! We've supplied just a handful to the UK, as amongst those we usually come across of pre 1997 (As there's no model report for these, post Dec 1996 cars cannot be imported to UK), we rarely see a real gem. This example, however - is the best we've found yet. Not only is condition outstanding, but the specification's excellent too - with every conceivable option fitted to this example, in addition to being the best colour these were ever made in. This car's for someone who wants the very best Glanza available. If we had a garage to collect the most special cars  [...]
OTR price: £6485

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1996 Toyota Celica GT-4 Facelift White

Since supplying our last GT-4 from stock at the very beginning of this year, we’ve been looking for an excellent condition replacement! Usually we avoid pre-facelift GT-4’s, especially if of standard specification. Instead, we always look for something with extras, that enhances the car well. In particular we like the facelift models. Never sold in the UK, these carry improvements and look more modern, offering better value for [...]

OTR price: £7865

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1988 Toyota MR2 G-Limited SC T-Bar Blue Metallic


The small and light MR2, designated AW11, was perhaps something no one had expected from any of the Japanese car manufacturers, known for their economical and practical cars. The two-seat MR2 was definitely not practical as a family car, but the design criteria were different from that of most previous cars. The most important features of the AW11 were its light body (as low as 2,200 lb in

OTR price: £5260

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1995 Toyota MR2 TRD 2000 GT with 2.2 litre T78-30D 500 bhp modifications. Purple Blue Metallic.

This MR2 is most certainly the most special example we've had the pleasure of offering from our stock in 8 years. Since 1998 we've only been able to source 3 TRD 2000 GT's - of which only one had significant engine modifications. This example has almost ever conceivable power upgrade and has been built with no expense spared to make the ultimate MR2 Rev 3!!

As one owner car since new, it's clear this car was an obsession for it's previous keeper. We estimate that in excess of £50,000 [...]

OTR price: £16950

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