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1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T KR4 Sonic Silver

A high quality fully spec'd manual ER34 Skyline GT Turbo in perfect condition, sourced specifically to order for a returning customer, to replace his MR2 sourced when we first started Newera Imports in 1998!

The GT-T Skyline has GT-R looks and strong GT class performance, given by it's 275 bhp Neo turbo 6 cylinder 24 valve engine - with handling and quality to match - at less than half the price of it's bigger brother.

Standard equiment includes: Hicas 4 Wheel Steering (Providing improved turn in and cornering accuracy), Traction Control, ABS, Dual SRS airbags with leather SRS airbag steering wheel, Climate  [...]

OTR price: £12570

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Nissan Silvia K's - Stage 2 Prepared 400 bhp++!! Drift Machine & Street Racer !!

This is the finest PS13 we have sourced yet, in 8 years of supplying performance imports from Japan! This example has been extensively & comprehensively re-worked inclusive of a TO4R turbo conversion to produce 400 BHP + making a fully prepared drift / balistic street racer and improved in every other aspect to look the part too! Sporting a full drift bodykit, URAS ns-01 17" alloys in chrome - with excellent pearlescenet white paintwork and a huge amount of spec more....The great thing is, this car's been built, but hardly used in anger, so someone else has paid the vast expense of modification, but left it for someone else to enjoy the benefits of!

As with most of the best Japanese spo [...]

OTR price: £10935

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1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R - Stage 1++ Extensive Fast Road Modifications!

This GT-R has been improved with stage 1-2 tuning  to give it approximately 370 bhp  at present, yet still allow it to remain easily drivable and usable for every day use. It's a low genuine mileage example with excellent spec and a wide array of high quality street spec. modifications that enhance and improve this car well.

Aesthetic improvements:  The paintjob on this car is the most stunning thing about it. An excellent choice of colour! It's of Burgundy  Red metallic. Quality of paint is excellent. The front bumper is an original TBO unit and the rest of the bodyk [...]

OTR price: £10730

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1997 Nissan Stagea RS Four 2.5 Turbo. Bodykit, Leather & Full Spec!! Silver Metallic.

The Nissan Stagea RS Four was produced from the end of 1996, to compete with the Subaru Legacy GT-B and Mitsubishi VR-4, in offering a performance 4WD family estate car, with style, performance and comfort combined. The RS Four was equipped with the same 4WD system as the 2.5 Skyline models, but unlike the Skyline 4WD models (Except the GT-R of course), it was also fitted with the 2WD GTSt's 2.5 litre turbo 24 valve 6 cylinder RB25 engine.

As there is no model report for these, we've had to wait till now to be able to offer them and we wanted the first to be something special, rather than a completely standard example. We're pleased to have been able to find an example that is not only fitted with every possible original factory [...]

OTR price: £7850

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2003 Nissan 350Z ST model (UK GT Spec equivalent). Silver Metallic.
This 350Z was bought to order for a customer who wanted the exact spec shown below. The request received was for a Silver example with black leather of ST spec and of completely standard conditiion. Within 2 weeks, we found this perfect match - in as new condition.
Equipment includes: Factory Immobiliser, Bose sound system with integrated sub woofer in the back, 6CD changer incorporated in the dash, with radio and casette and remote controls for audio on the steering wheel, TV and DVD Rom Sat Nav system is fitted (Full conversion is now possible in the UK for around 900) and this includes a reversing camera (Wh [...]
OTR price: £16845

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1995 Nissan Skyline (R33) GT-R - Stage 1 modified. White

This is an excellent condition entry level R33 GT-R for a driver who wants a high quality well looked after & well equipped example for a lower budget. Aside from the Stage 1 tuning components, excellent mechanical state of health, most notable is this car's condition! The panels are completely straight and interior is similarly very tidy too. It's the best R33 you're likely to find for sale within this price range - if you're after a sensible reliable example for regular use.

Modifications: :  [...]

OTR price: £12950

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1999 Nissan Skyline GT-Turbo. 5 Speed. Nismo Original Option Bodykit. White

The Skyline GT-T is a hugely capable sports tourer with performance that will enable it to slay most cars in it's path, yet it still has refinement, a practical boot and looks that are still as fresh today, as when this model was first introduced in 1998 (Production of all Skyline R34's ceased in August 2002). Even as standard, they're hugely impressive and fun to drive. As they're now no longer in production and top examples are in short supply, demand has stayed strong in Japan and prices are still as strong today, as they were 5 years ago. This is good news, as it means prices are unlikely to drop significantly into the future (As Nissan isn't making any more turbo Skylines until the new GT-R is introduced in  [...]

OTR price: £11295

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1995 Nissan Skyline (R33) GT-R *** Amazing Condition & Very Low Mileage ***Black

This R33 GT-R is the lowest mileage example we have sourced in a very long time - with only 27,272 genuine miles since new!!
It's a has been improved with Nismo components for suspension, wheels and other recent modifications, whilst not overdoing it - to make a usable and very beautiful regular use car. A very low genuine mileage example with excellent spec! It's also the best condition example sourced so far this year by ourselves, plenty of life left in this top example of an R33 GT-R Skyline.

Performance Improvements consists of an Invidia stainless steel cat back system which de-re [...]

OTR price: £16950

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As NEW Condition Nissan Cube 75th Anniversary Limited Edition. Silver Metallic.

In the Japanese domestic market, Nissan has a runaway hit on its hands with the Cube as the must-have automotive style accessory among Japan's youth. This is one of the coolest and freshest designs of vehicle introduced in the last few years. A car that's proving to be not just great in design, but spaceous, inexpensive to insure and economic to run, this model's sold extremely well in Japan and the USA. Reasoning that young Europeans might be just as turned on by the funky box on wheels, Nissan has announced intentions of marketting the Cube in the UK from 2008.

Developed around the product concept of a "magical box," the second-generation Cube provides interior spaciousness and convenient storage features which enable the car t [...]

OTR price: £5995

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1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R Turbo 6 Speed - Aero. Pearlescent White

This example was sourced specifically to order for a customer and we matched the car almost exactly to the desired spec. The request was for a pearlescent white example inclusive of the factory Aero kit, complete with exhaust and suspension upgrades, as well as wheels if possible. It just so happened that the car also came with the customer's favourite after market wheel! 

Original Factory Spec includes: Full Aero kit consisting of ABS plastic front bumper with deeper air dam, side skirts and rear valence extensions. There's also a black plastic trim section on the vertical part of the boot lid. dual SRS airbags, Climate Control A/C, PAS, ABS, electric windows (Auto u [...]

OTR price: £13545

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