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1996 Mazda RX-7 Type RS - TO4R Single Turbo HKS prepared. Silver Metallic

This RX-7 is modified with some of the most extreme performance improving components available on the Japanese market and has been extensively improved for very strong performance. Whilst it's not a fully focussed drag car, it's of a specification likely to be capable of getting into the low 11's if not high 10's with a skilled driver behind the wheel. This RX-7 competed at the HKS Super Drag Meeting in Kanto in September 2003. Although it carries extensive modifications, it's road drivable and with a TO4R and HKS competition clutch in combination with a 2 way differential, it also adapts i [...]

OTR price: £10370

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1992 Mazda Familia 323 GT-R - Rare Lightweight Model! White
This Familia GT-R lightweight model was sourced specifically to fill an order - for a customer who wanted the best 323 GT-R we could find. It was well below his budget, meaning extra budget to buy uprated wheels, Bride seats, etc - or pay toward's a year's insurance...
The Familia 323 GT-R is a very, very rare car, which built by Mazda with only 500 produced in order to homologate this model for international WRC rally entry for 1994. This model is the first lightweight version we have come across, with a sports cloth interior, no power windows and no electric mirrors. It's eq [...]
OTR price: £5470

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1995 Mazda RX-7 Type RM . Tuned (370 bhp) & styled by FUJITA ENGINEERING!! Black

If you're after the very best low mileage modified RX-7 currently on the market, with well thought out modifications for fast road and occasional track use, then look no further! This is in our experience, the best quality RX-7 that we've found in Japan and snapped up for stock in the last 12 months. Modified extensively by Fujita Engineering, it's been fitted with their bodykit, bonnet and GT wing, complete with their unique vented bonnet that doesn't allow the engine to get wet! With some of the very best performance improving components that are only generally available on the Japanese market, to make approx 370 bhp whilst maintaining reliability. I [...]

OTR price: £10570

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1996 Mazda Eunos Roadster 1.8i Red
This car is on sale on behalf of a Newera Imports friend and long term customer. If you're after a truly MINT MX-5, then don't miss this example. It's superbly looked after!
1996 N' registered Eunos Roadster S-special 1.8 in Classic red.121,655 kilometers(75,609 miles) This car has been lovingly looked after by it's current enthusiast owner who is selling due to having bought an E36 BMW M3. Standard equipment features air conditioning, electric windows, PAS. A UK spec Panasonic CD head unit and Cat 2 UK immobilser are fitted. The engine is completely standard and has no aftermarket modifications  [...]
OTR price: £3950

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1996 Mazda RX-7 Type RS - Fujita Engineering wide body! 4th Generation RS Twin Turbo. Blue Metallic

This unique RX-7 was supplied by Newera in June 2003 as a specially ordered car. It was one of the best we'd ever seen back then - and the new owner kept it perfectly until now, lavishing it with carefully considered modifications to improve the car whilst keeping the theme discreet and classy with plenty of FEED (Fujita Engineering) original parts and much, much more! To be honest, we're surprised nobody's chewed the owner's arms off already to get this car, if rumour has spread at all - this is one of the best RX-7's in the UK and certainly one of the most admired on the Mazda Rotary Club's forum!

This RS model RX-7 has always had the end goal of being suitable for sensible street use, to be reliable and to last.  [...]

OTR price: £12850

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Veilside Fortune RX-7. Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift - ORIGINAL FILM CAR!!!

The Fast & Furious trilogy has a lot to answer for. Targetted at petrol heads worldwide, it has inspired literaly 100's of 1000's of people in tuning their Japanese sports cars and helped create a wave of tuner businesses worldwide! The Veilside Fortune RX-7 is a positively mouth watering design. Now world famous as a result of being the main star in Fast & Furious 3 Tokyo Drift, this car is probably the world's best known modified RX-7 currently available for sale.  The Veilside Fortune RX-7 was originally styled by Hironao Yokomaku. When launched in 2005, this design went on to win the grand prize in the world's most exclusive tuning car show, the Tokyo Auto Salon. At the very same time, Newer [...]

OTR price: £28650

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1994 Mazda RX-7 Type R Bathurst Twin Turbo. Black

This RX-7 was sourced to special order for a discerning customer wanting a genuinely low mileage example in excellent condition, with extras such as bodykit, mild tuning modifications, etc. This example had previously been sourced by ourselves for a customer and friend in Tokyo - who through having used it very little during the year he owned it - decided to sell it again. It's in stunning original condition. Original specification as a Type R Bathurst 5 Speed Manual model it includes: Original lightweight cloth trimmed sports seats [...]

OTR price: £8430

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1998 Mazda RX-7 Type R Bathurst Twin Turbo - 16 BIT ECU Revision 4 model. White

This car was sourced to order for a discerning customer wanting a low mileage late model RX-7 in white, with some good quality conversion work best suited for quick drives on country roads as well as normal road use. This particular example took us 6 weeks to daily searching to find, after looking at many examples - which promised to be good on auction information, but weren't in reality. Condition of this example's excellent and it's loaded with quality extras:

Performance Modifications: Blitz SMIC kit with Samco high pressure hoses, K&N cold air induction kit, high flow stainless steel downpipe, Metalit high flo [...]

OTR price: £11545

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1996 Mazda RX-7 Type R Bathurst - FEED Wide body & Stage II Fast Road tuned. Green Metallic

It's very rare for us to be able to offer an RX-7 of as high quality as this. If you're after a stunningly well prepared example with more spent on it recently than the sale price reflects - don't miss this opportunity!

This RX-7 has been created by ourselves in Japan as a demo car owned by a close friend and part time staff member Russ Gander. He's a total RX-7 nut, this has been the 4th and best RX-7 he's owned yet. Just the design took him 2 years to think about carefully before proceeding! It's now for sale, as it's not used enough - and as needs change he wants something more practical. You can see full details of the build & quality here:

ht [...]

OTR price: £14995

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Mazda Familia 323 GT-R (Rally Homologation Model) Black
Another rare 323 GT-R Rally homologation model built by Mazda to take on Lancia's Delta Integrales in the early 1990's.... The 323 GT-R had some good success, especially in Japan and Australia, but also in Europe.
We search for these each and every week throughout Japan and usually pick up every example that's in top condition, leaving those which are tired or in poor condition. With just under 500 of these ever made by Mazda purely for Rally Homologation purposes, it's taken us over 5 months to find this example to our exacting standards of condition. As these are very rare cars, they're a car that rarely appears  [...]
OTR price: £5995

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